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Application of Guangxi Diamond Emery Cloth (Paper) on Woodworking Sander

2021-10-21 16:14:30

Woodworking sander refers to a woodworking machine that uses abrasive belts and emery cloth (paper) to sand the surface of the workpiece. It is suitable for sanding of corrugated materials such as door frames, window frames, cabinet doors, and concave-convex frames, as well as fine polishing of medium-density plywood and plywood such as hardwood and cork. Woodworking sanders are divided into three types: drum type, belt type and disc type. The following diamond soft grinding disc manufacturers introduce their respective working principles and scope of application.

Drum type woodworking sander? Drum sanding wood material wrapped around emery cloth (paper), there are two kinds of single-roll type and multi-roll type. In addition to rotating during processing, the roller can also move back and forth in the axial direction to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. Single-roll sanding machines mostly use manual feeding, and multi-roll workpieces are fed by pressing rollers and upper and lower feeding rollers or conveyor belts. This kind of sanding machine is suitable for surface sanding of square timber, plywood, particle board and fiberboard.

The belt-type woodworking sander tensions the endless belt on 2 or 3 pulleys to drive the belt to move continuously. The tension pulley will also produce a small amount of warpage, causing the belt to move laterally. The sanding machine used for surface treatment has a fixed or movable worktable; the sanding machine used for surface treatment uses the flexibility of the sanding belt to process the workpiece under the pressure of the template. Broadband woodworking sander has the advantages of high efficiency, guaranteed processing accuracy, and convenient belt replacement. It is suitable for polishing large man-made panels, furniture panels and decorative panels or front and rear panels of painting.

The disc-type woodworking sander uses sandpaper (cloth) attached to the end of the rotating disc to sand the workpiece. There are vertical and horizontal, single disc and double disc. The workpiece is surface-grinded by manual or motor feeding, which is suitable for carriage, furniture, wooden mold and other manufacturing industries.

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