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Classification and composition of Guangxi diamond abrasive belt

2021-10-21 16:12:54

Guangxi diamond abrasive belt refers to a coated abrasive tool that uses an adhesive to adhere super-hard material (man-made diamond) abrasive grains to a flexible and bendable substrate, that is, "abrasive cloth or sandpaper".Diamond abrasive belt,

The structure of the stone belt is generally composed of three parts: the substrate, the abrasive, and the bonding agent.

The base material is the carrier of the abrasive and the bonding agent, and is the main factor that makes the abrasive belt flexible; the main types of base materials include paper, cloth, composite base materials, non-woven fabrics, polyester films, etc.; the main performance indicators of the base materials include: radial Tensile strength, weft tensile strength, radial (weft) elongation, the mesh density of the textile fabric base cloth, etc.; the structure of the base material mainly has two types: open and closed. The closed base is divided into two types: There are two kinds of joints and no joints.

It is mainly used for grinding and constitutes the main body of the abrasive tool. Nanning diamond belt uses diamond as abrasive. In order to reduce costs or improve performance, ordinary abrasives are sometimes added. The performance indicators of abrasive belt mainly include: abrasive grain size and composition, compressive strength, impact toughness, abrasive grain shape, planting sand density, etc.

The bonding agent is the bridge between the abrasive and the substrate, and it mainly serves as a connection, so that the abrasive has a certain shape and strength. The bonding agent in coated abrasives is generally composed of substrate treatment agent, primer, compound and so on. The main type of adhesive is synthetic resin glue. Thermosetting resins are generally used, such as epoxy resins, phenolic resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, alkyd resins, etc., in addition to animal glues. The main performance indicators of the adhesive include: bonding strength, peel strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility and so on.

Beihai diamond abrasive belts are divided into three categories according to usage, tool performance, and manufacturing difficulty: resin dispensing sanding belts, resin full coating sanding belts, electroplating dispensing sanding belts, etc.

Resin dispensing type abrasive belt: The resin dispensing type has simpler manufacturing equipment than the coated product, and the equipment investment is lower. The dispensing type can increase the resin. Fully coated products are more brittle, harder and less flexible after curing. In addition, the dispensing products have evenly distributed gaps, so they have better grinding performance when grinding hard plastic materials or dry grinding.

Resin full-coated sanding belt: This kind of sanding belt evenly coats the resin on the entire substrate surface, so that the abrasive is distributed on the entire surface of the cloth base with a certain density. This kind of abrasive belt manufacturing method has manual coating type and mechanical coating type. Due to the long service life and small production scale of diamond abrasive belts, in order to reduce equipment costs, manual coating or semi-manual or semi-mechanical manufacturing processes can be used when performance is not required. The manual coating process cannot control the coating uniformity of abrasives and bonding agents, and the production process is discontinuous, resulting in uneven thickness of the abrasive belt working surface, uneven distribution of abrasives, and uneven orientation of abrasives, resulting in poor product quality;

Electroplating sanding belt: Electroplating sanding belt is a relatively common type produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers, mainly because the production equipment of electroplating sanding belt is simple, the bonding strength of electroplating sanding belt is high, and the wear-resistant and temperature-resistant adhesive is higher than that of resin. However, problems such as the strength of the electroplated closed abrasive belt substrate and the strength of the substrate joints need to be further studied and resolved, diamond abrasive cloth,

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